Top Ten Ways to Engage Kids While Video Calling

1.)  Encourage Literacy 

Have your children read books to you! Even board books where a younger child can make a story that goes with the pictures!

2.)  Have a Coloring Match

Use the same color canyon for one minute, the let the other side pick… Go through the whole range of colors.

3.)  Get out the Joke Books!

Take time telling riddles and jokes to each other.

4.)  Build Something Together

Build parts of a Lego city. Talk about building a piece of the city at the same time - one builds a barber shop and the other the post office.

5.)  Share a Snack

Go through and count those gummy bears, while also identifying their colors. Talk about nutrition with older kids. Design a silly veggie face and share!

6.)  Challenge Yourselves to Play a Game

If each side has the same game, you can move your partner along too. Or try UNO and play together. What about Clue? There’s always a way to play games in a new fashion. Pictionary and Charades are always a hit!

7.)  Have a Dance-Off

Can you DJ your favorite song and bust out some cool moves? Have fun and laugh while getting some exercise!

8.)  Write Your Own Stories

Share a story writing prompt. Each person can tag on one sentence to make a new story! Just number the turns so you can read it aloud again.

9.)  Find a New Voice

Ask them to share their day, but use sound effects and different voices. Let them choose to talk like a vampire and discuss their latest meal! Done well, this one’s a gut buster!

10.)  Try Being the BEST Listener

Lean in, ask open-ended questions (like “Tell me the best part of your day” or "Tell me more about that”) and don’t give any advice. They know when you’re really listening - be excited about what they have to say!

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