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Our goal is to bring smiles to kids in care and let them know they are loved! 

To order your custom cake, submit a request to
Laurie Rappoport at


Cakes are available for children in

Linn, Benton, AND Lincoln Counties!


Please include:

  • Date needed and delivery and contact information

  • Theme, color and any design preferences

  • Cake or cupcakes, and number of servings 

  • Lettering requested on cake

  • Any allergy or food sensitivity requests

We love to celebrate birthdays, adoptions, and special events!

This local non-profit organization provides free and fully designed cakes and cupcakes to children in care to help them celebrate specific milestones and events!

These cakes are available to celebrate:

  • Birthdays, Quinceañeras,                    and Sweet 16's

  • Graduation Parties

  • Adoption & Guardianship Ceremonies and Anniversaries

  • Educational or other Ceremonies

  • Major Personal Milestones

  • Special Events

  • And so much more!


To put in an order for a baked good, please include the details of the item you'd like (listed on left side of this page) in an email to

or call (541) 753-5838

Hey Advocate!

Birthdays are often a difficult time for children in care. They are faced with a new unknown:

"What will my birthday be like with this new family?"

Ordering a cake or cupcakes to help them celebrate their special day helps ensure they have the same experiences as their peers.

(Lincoln County Advocates - Bake for Kids Linn-Benton is happy to make cakes for your children as well! Just call the CASA office before submitting your request, and we will coordinate cake delivery to Lincoln County!)

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