Thank you for helping us make sure each child feels special and loved!  Children frequently come to us having been removed from their home without the chance to take any personal belongings with them.  It is important to us at CASA that we are able to provide the child and the caregiver/foster parent with the items they need, and the opportunity to buy new personal belongings to replace those left behind. 

Many of you have reached out to ask how you can help our children in care during COVID-19. Here are some of our most critical needs right now:

To donate one of these urgently-needed wishlist items, please email to arrange for a safe, no-contact donation. 


Please hold all other in-kind donations in reserve for now. We treasure these comfort items for our children in care but do not currently have the capacity to sanitize each gifted item. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Amazon Gift Cards

Gift cards give us the most flexibility in meeting the varied needs of our children. It also allows us to provide an experience and activity the children we serve often do not get to have: Shopping for something that they get to pick out from the store themselves! 


(especially size 1 )

We've had several new babies enter care recently, and are in need of Size 1 diapers.


Baby Wipes

There are lots of infants in care right now, and baby wipes are in short supply!  If you have any packs to spare, or would like to purchase some, it would be greatly appreciated!


Bike Helmets

Summer is coming, and children's and adult size bike helmets (for our teens) will enable our kiddos to have some safe outdoor fun on bikes and scooters!


Boys' Clothing
(sizes 7/8 & 8/10)

We are in need of boys' everyday casual clothing in sizes 7/8 and 8/10. Jeans, shorts, tops and tees are especially appreciated!


Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys in new or excellent condition help our kiddos stay active and engaged while they shelter in place! Sports equipment, Nerf-style footballs, frisbees, and jump ropes are all great options!