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The following Amazon Wish Lists contain examples of our current most-needed items to support our children and youth in care. Thank you for helping us make sure each child feels special and loved!  


Children frequently come to us having been removed from their home without the chance to take any personal belongings with them.


It is important to us at CASA that we are able to provide the child and their caregiver(s) / resource parent(s) with the items they need, and the opportunity to buy new personal belongings to replace those left behind. 

CASA-VFC has also obtained a new Resource Center space next to our offices in downtown Corvallis. The Resource Center will eventually house our donation center, as well as our Trauma-Informed Tutoring Program and Independent Living Program.


This list features an array of items to help make the Resource Center a functional and positive space for the children and families we serve.

To donate one of these urgently-needed wishlist items, please email or call the CASA office at (541) 753-5838. Thank you for your generous support of our children and youth in care!

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