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Last year, in support of the vital mission of nearly 1,000 CASA/GAL programs across the country, the National CASA Association rolled out the following strategic framework. 


Through strong partnerships and collaborative strategies, this framework will strengthen the foundation of our network, prepare us for sustainable growth and generate better outcomes for the children served by our programs.

This framework is designed to both build on our historic strengths and prepare us to develop new approaches that will elevate the CASA network to new levels. We ask you to join us as we grow, boldly take on challenges, and plan for our future.



National CASA has embarked on many strategic planning exercises, held input sessions, conducted surveys and forums, and engaged a broad cross-section of the organization in this work.


We know that we can plan together; however, the question of how well all parts of the network align to achieve our vision and execute together still remains.


To ensure that planning efforts to-date are not lost and the additional work that is needed beyond the establishment of the framework is carried out, National CASA is committed to the following next steps:

  • Designing and aligning a structure to better support the state organizations—working with, in, and through the state organizations to provide technical assistance and support to the local programs;

  • Bolstering resources in fundraising, marketing and communications, public policy, planning, research, analysis and evaluation;

  • Establishing committees, taskforces and cross-functional teams to collectively address and plan the future needs and strategic direction of the network;

  • Identifying external relationships, partnerships and collaborations that expand our capabilities and result in greater impact and achievement of the mission and vision;

  • Embracing and fostering a customer-centric and mission-focused culture; and

  • Establishing a new business model for National CASA that adequately positions the organization to face current and future realities and ensure relevancy and long-term sustainability.

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