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Help them reach their goals.


CASA-VFC is pleased to announce that the Future Forward Program (FFP) to prepare youth for independent living is in the final stages of development. We are currently seeking volunteer applicants who are interested in guiding youth as a Future Forward Mentor, or serving on our FFP Resource Council.

Youth in care who have a strong relationship with a professional adult have a much higher rate of succeeding in life.

CASA's Future Forward Program is seeking community partners to support us in providing independent living lessons, job opportunities, and one-on-one coaching and support for youth from qualified community volunteers.

Mentors will assist youth with professional and personal development, guidance and advice, and sharing knowledge and skills.


Another way to help youth achieve their career goals is to become part of our Future Forward Program Resource Council!  The FFP Resource Council is a group of local business and community leaders who work to recruit internship hosts and help youth in care expand their professional networks. 


Are you interested in helping youth in care on their journeys to become successful young adults? Please fill out one of the forms linked below to learn more about becoming a Future Forward Mentor or FFP Resource Council member! 

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